Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wikileaks Or Not!

If you are a Nigerian living in Nigeria, or indeed any part of the world, the latest news making the rounds from wikileaks must no doubt have caught your attention.

We are all more than acutely aware of the recent gruesome bombings in Nigeria, most recently the United Nations building in Abuja. It is not a surprise therefore, that the screaming headline in the Punch Newspaper raised more than a few questions. According to it, wikileaks alleges that some prominent Nigerians are complicit in the activities of Boko Haram, the body which has often claimed responsibility for the bomb attacks in parts of the country.  Tongues have been wagging, eyes have been raised but at Heal9ja, we are calling for a different kind of action.

Our premise is simple; talking hasn't gotten us very far in the past, so it's time for a more wholistic approach. The immutable laws of the universe have shown time and again that what we talk about, we bring about. And what the majority of a people talk about often determines their collective reality.

Imagine if the whole of a particular state consciously decided to speak nothing but positive things about that state.  The sun will continue to shine the way it shone before. The rain will fall only when it is supposed to fall. But as science has proven that like attracts like; the situations and circumstances that those people will be experiencing will be positive because their outlook is positive.

So at Heal9ja we encourage you to form a positive thought about Nigeria today. Wikileaks or not, hold the thought in your mind as you go through the day. Healing Nigeria starts from you and me.

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