Saturday, 17 September 2011

What is Heal Nigeria?

Many people have been asking us; what is Heal Nigeria Initiative all about? Especially since we flagged off our Facebook campaign, we've been inundated by barrages of questions. We explained at the inception of our publicity drive. We are taking time to explain again: Heal9ja is an acronym for Heal Nigeria Initiative; a non- governmental, not-for -profit organisation that is working assiduously to promote peace and tranquillity in our country Nigeria.

We have been organising peace seminars for many years, bringing together people from different religions, tribes and schools of thought.  The massive success of these seminars has convinced us that the majority of Nigerians desire peaceful coexistence among all sects living in the country regardless of tribal or religious leaning.

Furthermore, the average Nigerian has a mental picture of their ideal Nigeria even though present circumstances seem to conspire to push this picture to the background. We at Heal Nigeria, have taken it upon ourselves to bring these positive images of Nigeria to the forefront of our minds as a first step towards allowing it to translate into reality. We believe that if you hold a mental picture of a thing in a certain way, for a certain time, everything around around you begins to readjust themselves so that the thing may become a reality for you. In our individual lives we do this so many times, and often unconsciously, so we seldom realise the creative power of our thoughts.

Heal Nigeria has decided to provide a common platform to coordinate a conscious creation of a new Nigeria through individual power of positive thoughts, visualization, meditation, affirmation, prayer or anything you may want to call it. We are non-religious, non- sectional, multicultural, multi-denominational and all inclusive body, and as such, open to everybody.

If you are a Nigerian, a a friend of Nigeria, and desire a better Nigeria, we welcome you with open hands. We ask you to stay tuned to this blog as we unfold details of how to create a better Nigeria in the coming days and weeks. You can also follow us on Twitter: @heal9ja or Facebook:

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