Thursday, 22 September 2011

ABSU Saga Update

The ABSU rape incident has continued to generate public outcry and outright condemnation from many quarters.   The international media have also picked up the story, with Daily Mail and Yahoo News publishing articles about it in the last 24- 48 hours.

Within Nigeria itself, concerned youths have reportedly raised close to N1.7million as donations towards a reward for anyone who can come forward with useful information leading to the arrest of the 5 men involved in the incident. As at yesterday, the full names of 3 out of the 5 was said to have emerged. This morning, Honourable Abike Dabiri-Erewa raised the issue on the floor of the national assembly. If this tempo is sustained, it is very likely that the perpetrators of the heinous crime will be brought to book very soon.

This highlights the awesome power of Nigerian youths and their capacity to bring about change in the country if they just pool their energies together. It was Nigerian youths who started the public reaction towards the ABSU incident. It could otherwise have been swept under the carpet, but Nigerian youths were resolute and united in their condemnation of the incident. Such was the intensity of their strident calls for justice that the Minister for Youth Affairs, Bolaji Abdullahi swung into action on Sunday, calling the Minister for Police Affairs, Vice-Chancellor etc and tweeting the outcome of their conversations immediately. When a group of people are united in voice, focus and action; they constitute a dynamic force that cannot be stopped.

We at Heal Nigeria Initiative are calling on Nigerian youths to unite in thought and action to create a positive change in Nigeria. It's the movement. All well meaning Nigerians are welcome to join us

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