Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Football & The Nigerian Spirit

If ever there was a Guinness World Record for the most unifying sport in the world; football would no doubt emerge as a strong contender.  The passion for the game exhibited by both players and fans is largely unrivalled.  On the field of play, it doesn't matter if the keeper is black and the defender is white; everyone works together to ensure the success of the team.

When we talk about calling up players to the Super Eagles, Nigeria's national team, the 'zoning formula' that is so prevalent in many other spheres doesn't rear its head. You don't hear it said that the strikers are from the north, therefore the midfield should be reserved for the south. It's more of, who possesses the requisite skill to fill the position.

The larger Nigerian society has so much to learn from sports. The universe itself presents a lot of illustrations in daily life that serve as a pointer to ways in which we can achieve peaceful co-existence.  If we saw Nigeria as a huge football field, and all the tribes as players playing different functions by virtue of their positions on the 'field', would we be less angry at ourselves? Most likely.

Heal Nigeria Initiative is canvassing a change in the way we perceive the nation, starting from how we perceive ourselves.  Nigeria must change! It will change!! Join us in the movement. Let's heal Nigeria!!!

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