Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bombings Again!

These days in Nigeria, " if it aint one thing, it's another";apologies to Luther Vandross.

While the nation is still reeling from the chilling bloodshed in Jos, yet another bomb blast has gone off in Maiduguri. Only yesterday, panic and pandemonium broke out in the University of Ibadan, when news filtered in that it might be a target for bombing.  Visitors to the premier university yesterday had colourful tales to tell about the beefed up security checks they had to endure before being allowed to go about their normal business activities within the campus. Without doubt, there is a palpable fear that cuts across several quarters.

Any avoidable loss of life is always regrettable, and even more so under such grave circumstances. Our hearts go out to all the families of the victims of bomb blasts in the country, and indeed the rest of the world. We must heal Nigeria. We could sit and talk all day about the different ways in which we believe the security situation in the country should be addressed. But without doubt, we would all come to this same conclusion; Nigeria has got to change for the better! 

We seek a positive change. We believe there is a way to achieve this. What do you think?

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