Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Joy of Unity

A piece of news came out today in the international media about the racially different twins that were born to the same parents a while back. It's been scientifically confirmed that they have the same genes, even though one is black and the other, white.

This amazing phenomenon caused quite a ripple when the twins were born, and continues to be a point of reflection for sensitive minds. It speaks volumes on nature's disapproval of man's discrimination against man. How much more do we want the universe to speak to us about unity? Two children; borne in the same womb, to the same parents, yet one is black and the other is white.  Nature couldn't have sent a better message of unity.

It is a poignant reference point for us as Nigerians. Regardless of our many tribes and tongues, the whole of nature is one. The sun shines the same on all of us, the rain falls on all of us. The soul is the same, everybody is born the same way. Or have you ever heard that babies conceived in tribe A are carried in the womb for 5 months, as opposed to tribe B who may carry theirs for three months? Definitely not!

Healing Nigeria should not be such a difficult task for all of us. It simply involves going back to the  natural state of unity and brotherhood that we all knew before we started imbibing divisive tendencies learnt from the society around us. However, we forget these divisions during periods such as when we watch a football match. It never matters whether the striker is Hausa or Igbo, everyone rejoices together when he scores. This shows we are capable of loving one another truly only if we try.

It's time to transmute that unity we display in places such as the football pitch to our everyday lives on  permanent basis so that the world around us can be a better place to live in.  Please join us to heal Nigeria!

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