Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Heal9ja Catching On!

Hi people,

Glad to be able to inform you that the Heal9ja movement is fast gathering momentum and gaining ground.

We started out only a few days ago and we are already pulling a decent crowd on social media networks. We want more! We need you to help us spread the word.

What's the word? We recognise that there a number of issues facing our nation. We also recognise that there are  any number of issues facing every nation in the world as well. We also know that believing is seeing. In other words, what we focus our minds on usually multiplies in our realities or vision. This manifests regularly in our daily lives even though we barely take note of it.  How many times have you thought about or stared at the picture of a car in the magazine only to see it drive past you the next day? Aha!

What we think about, we usually 'feel about'. And what we 'feel about', we usually see. So Heal9ja is out to mobilise people to think positive thoughts about Nigeria in order to start seeing the kind of Nigeria we would like to see. Even if you can't do it everyday, or if you can't sustain it every time, at least on a common day; at a common time; in a common place, let's work together to generate positive energy to heal Nigeria.

So tell your friends, spread the word; come 11am, 11th November, 2011 we shall all heal Nigeria! For more info leading up to that day, Follow us on twitter; @heal9ja, Facebook; Heal Nigeria Initiave, www.heal9ja.org and stay tuned to this blog.

It promises to be very interesting  and productive.

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